Starting January 1st 2017, “THE PATH ACT”.  The Path Act would affect millions of families that qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Please go to our Info Center Page to read of how this can affect you.   

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. My Tax Refund Express LLC is now Refundable Tax Services LLC.  Our Brooklyn office is now currently open.  Please contact us to start your 2016 Tax preparation process by emailing us at and requesting our office forms or calling us at 718-833-2066 to make an appointment.  Please be aware that your 2015 copies were in secure drawer up to December 31st 2016 and are now expired.  If you need an additional Tax copy please contact us.   If you receive correspondence from the Department of the Treasury, The Department of Taxation and Finance, or any other State correspondence, please contact us. You can upload any correspondence to your secure drawer account or email to , please password protect all emails but do not email the password.  Let us know by leaving it on our voice mail.  You can also fax it to 718-833-2065, please do not wait to inform us of the correspondence that you have received.  Most correspondence can easily by resolve.  Do not make any payments or agreements without consulting us. 

We would like to thank all our loyal clients for having Refundable Tax Services LLC serve you in all your tax needs. 

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Refer A Friend Program:

The Greatest Compliment a client can give us is the referral of a Family, Friend, or Co-Worker.  Thank you for your trust in us.  Please take advantage of our refer a friend program we will give you $15.00 dollars credit for every friend that you refer to Refundable Tax Service LLC.  Your friend will also recieve $15.00 dollar off their Tax preparation fee when they file. 
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